The Train Of Happiness

Happiness—what is it—you may wonder?
It is not easy to understand for sure
Or maybe, not as out of reach
Or as difficult as it seems to be.

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Cloudy Realities

I look out of the window everyday and find something amazing and different when I gaze a bit farther. I look at these clouds. The only time when I often get out of my room excited is when I feel a vibration. I feel closer with me and my reality. I feel more one with myself, with nature, its elements, with everything. My family often wonders why do I click the pictures of these clouds everyday? To them, all of these are just the same. They look at them from afar. They give a glance to their structure. I see inside the structure. I feel it. I see the formation, the beauty of existence. I see what they don’t. They see these tall towers. I see my reality. They see the dark clouds. I admire the colour contrast of the dark clouds covering some portion of the blue sky. Those grey clouds look like they are protecting these beautiful white clouds from being harmed by the human world. Those grey clouds are maybe those which have aged and have lived their experience. They probably are representatives of the black tar that is filled within and without the humans who have now become a machine. Maybe, they are shielding the white clouds from letting the dark energy that exists within the human world and has increased to the level of imbalance reach them or else, these white clouds will soon become as black as they are and these old, black, experienced clouds know that this is not the time for these naive white clouds to experience what has become the harsh reality of the human world. Maybe, they are our ancestors, those who left the Earthly plane and our protecting us. They can’t be Gods. In these times, the Gods have descended on Earth, living another amongst many of their human lives. Unfortunately, the world we live in is such that the Gods, living in human experience, have either never been able to awaken to their reality completely or those, who are the ultimate amongst all of them, had to undergo a lot of trouble, pain, failure, struggles and then, returned to the awakening of their reality. When they came initially, they remembered it as a child but as they grew up, the human experience was so painful and they had to face so many disadvantages of having positive powers, which healed people but exhausted them, that it made them forget who they were. They were tired of the human life and to their truth—especially the one who is the ultimate—they desired death but it wasn’t granted because as humans, they were asked to pray to Gods but nobody except them could accept their request because they are, indeed, the Gods descended on Earth.

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‘Uncultured’ Revised and Republished

Hi, I have revised and republished my ebook and novella, ‘Uncultured’ on Amazon Kindle this year. It is in English.

With this, it is now available in 12 countries including UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico Australia and India. Read it and tell me what is new about it. I am sharing the links to each of them here:

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