Am I awake? My eyes are certainly open. My fingers are tapping on the screen and typing the letters. I can feel the air…..a little bit, maybe. Oh yes! I can. My hair is moving. I am holding the mobile in my hands. I can see the door of my room slightly open. My father just passed by and left it like that. My head is aching a bit. The light seems dim. The fan is emitting cool air. Am I awake or is this a dream? 


I am real. I can feel that but the bed that I assume I am sitting on, the floor of tiles beneath that, the sound of the moving fan? I can see the curtains move a bit but I am static. Is everything real or am I imagining it? My headache is real because I am real. What about the rest, which is far from me? 

Everything was real until a few days ago, at least for the past two to three months. Why aren’t they real now? Am I really feeling that the bedsheet that is there or am I making it up in my mind? It must be real. I am sitting on it and when I am real, it must be too. Am I awake? 


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