Beneficial? Not Always

Sometimes, people who you are born and brought up with create more than necessary trouble in your life. I had to record my song today, which I did with a lot of hassle because I committed a mistake. 


I asked my mother about the whereabouts of my recording mic and later, when my brother woke up, the havoc began to be created. He said that the way I create the videos is not right and offered that I should do as he says. I thought to give it a try because I was trying since the past half an hour but was not successful in settling my camera in a good position. 

So, he arranged a setup which was pretty nice because it had a blanket behind me to cover the old wall of the room that I was recording the video in. Then, one after another, problems keep occurring and I repeatedly asked my brother to stop his experimentation because it was not working. 

He kept doing that anyways. I started getting exhausted. I had a bit energy in the morning, therefore, I had decided to record the video and due to the interference of another human, I was constantly being disturbed due to which, I was not able to record it through his setup despite more than 30 attempts. It had been more than 3-4 hours since we were trying to record the video and anyways, my mood was ruined for that moment. 

I was getting irritated as it was my target that I had to publish my video in any case today itself. When his persistence started increasing my worry and decreasing my energy, I left the room agitated. He had wasted my time, energy and even my zeal to do the project now. 

So, I left his room, taking the necessary equipments with me. I returned to my room and after attempting to record it myself, in the first attempt, my voice cracked because my throat was choked due to anger and frustration of not being able to meet my target. 

Then, I drank some water and did some breathing practices to calm myself down. Luckily, I was successful in doing so. After attempting again all by myself, I recorded my song again until it became perfect to be uploaded and I had no more energy to invest. I uploaded it on my YouTube and Vimeo channels to make it available for the audience to listen to. 

This is the reason that I don’t ask for help from people. I know what I want and how to attain it. In the attempt to help, people further destroy things and add to my troubles. This doesn’t make them bad. It is just that, in doing some things, you don’t need anybody but you. They cannot always be beneficial to you. Being self-dependent, hence, is my need to save my time and energy and to maintain my mental peace. 

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