Irritating Caretakers

All that I ask for is to not fight for what I deserve, for the basic things like respect, job, equality because obviously, it is an unnecessary fight. These are my rights as an individual. I shouldn’t have to fight to be able to attain them. I have been arguing since my childhood and its enough and irritating now. I have always been capable enough to know what is best for me and work towards getting that opportunity. If you cannot support me, do not count the problems in front of me and just walk your own way. 


I am waiting for the day when I will leave this house where my caretakers live so that I can finally breathe. I am pretty sure my father won’t even let me change houses without pulling me down emotionally for ‘leaving my parents as soon as I found the opportunity to’ or will find a way to credit himself (subtly) for my success and then will speak about how ‘selfless’ parents are. Strange how Indian parents find one or the other way to guilt trip their children for standing up against the denial of their basic rights and equality of grabbing the opportunities they get by providing mostly baseless arguments, sometimes aided by an unfortunate global circumstance. 

It is irritating that parents don’t let their children become independent individuals and do emotional drama and what not to attain what they think is beneficial for the child (which most of the times, just suffocates the individual and burdens them with regrets until their deaths). They don’t break the toxic cycle themselves nor do they let others do that. Supportive parents are eyed and shunned for being supportive. 


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