I love to see you speak, attend meetings, be busy, walk, do crazy things, make faces, breathe—you know, just the basic things you do. You look really sexy when you do what you do. Your face is like the moon. 

I imagined this about you when I first saw your profile, only I was not as wild as now. My imagination has gone wild and it keeps getting wilder. The wildest thing for me was when I learnt that you are more than interested to know about my dreams and desires. I didn’t had a habit of being taken care of, especially like in the way you do that. 

Don’t ask me what I like about you. I don’t know. I know what I don’t and I have already mentioned it before so I won’t repeat it. I will tell you what I believe you don’t know. I am still as much interested in you, in fact more, than I was the first time I saw your picture. Your intriguing persona keeps me hooked to you. 

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