Black Origin

Kali is black because she is the universe herself. She is the creator, preserver and the destroyer. She is the ultimate, the personification of power and everything. She manifests herself and all the rest and can destroy all of it too. All and nothing are the same. Black is the colour of nothingness. Black is complete in itself. Black is the original. So, why do you use black as a derogatory term and have classified it as a race altogether?

Why have humans destroyed everything that was beautiful originally to serve their selfish purpose? On the top of that, they are feeding these made-up lies to all of humanity and destroying everyone mentally so that they remain unaware of their truths and are unable to realise that all of this is one and due to which they have lost their discernment to differentiate between right and wrong. In fact, they have reversed everything according to how it will serve their purpose.

The original and what follows are all beautiful. The colours submerge in black because they have emerged from there. When our arrival and end is same, why do we have to push each other away and make them feel otherwise? There will always be one corrupted mind that would want to corrupt the rest of the population but you can’t blame him or her for your deviation from origin, essence and simplicity because it is your choice to believe and follow him or do otherwise. Respect the original and the learner. 

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