The Waves Inside

I put my hands on my ears.

Due to the sensory overload, I am tired

and not ready for new opportunities. 

I hear, my breaths sound like the waves of the sea.

They calm my mind a bit.

Since this discovery was new,

I thought that I should record it.  

So, here, I present it before you. 

I have no energy at all

nor can I find any zeal

to go outside for a walk.

It has slowly become a big deal. 

There are a load of stressors

with less to no stress busters.

Even the people around me 

keep saying that I am lazy. 

I am not, I am tired.

If I would have been so, 

why would I be putting effort into

thinking and expressing all here?



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7 thoughts on “The Waves Inside

  1. I don’t have that much knowledge about poems…but this one…this one was a gem…really…nice work..👌

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad that you find my poem to be a gem.

      Thank you for reading and responding.
      Have a good day.

      Happy reading!!!
      Happy blogging!!!

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