I Won’t Shrink

I won’t harm you

but I won’t shrink too

just so you can take up my space

nor do I expect you to do the same. 

We are two individuals. 

Everything about us may differ. 

I won’t make it even

by changing myself into a person

according to what you like or need. 

This is not about showing arrogance. 

I am just respecting my preference. 

If that bothers you, you may leave. 

I don’t have any object to please you

nor do I find any need to.

I have learnt this through my experience

that even if you change

according to how they need you to, 

people are never happy with you. 

There is always something less or void.

So, now, I don’t pay heed to that noise.

If you are expecting me to serve

or change myself as you will say, 

please leave at once

because I don’t settle but try to balance.

I am sure, there may be enough space

for both of us to accomodate 

ourselves and our needs with respect.

Sans shrinking, our wings can be widely spread.

2 thoughts on “I Won’t Shrink

  1. It’s amazing fact that things which ensure our well being in the long-term seem like arrogance or selfishness in the present.
    An important message encoded so easily in few words✌️

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