The Full Moon Night

The night when we will wed each other,

that full moon night will be like no other.

Our room will be situated on a valley.

It will be constructed as a two- storey.


It will have a really large window

with no sills to obstruct the way

that the moonlight will follow

to let itself shine inside our space.


There will be a bed, of course.

I will sit on the window and see the moon.

That night may be so emotional

that I will leave the room


and walk barefoot on the sand

after stepping down the wooden stairs.

The moonlight will outshine the candles

which will be lit upstairs.


Maybe, I will be scared

or admiring the moon.

You will arrive soon

because you can’t leave me alone


especially, in such a state.

We will sit side-by-side.

The water will reach our feet and reinstate.

The borders of the waves will glimmer in silver shade. 


I have dreamt this so many times.

We will sit there and I will wonder

about our kids that are yet to arrive

and you will watch me and admire


my being as I will speak.

I won’t be aware about your gaze

until I will look at you while talking

and will know that you are in that phase.


I will talk about you and everything,

the universe, how and when was I pining.

Even if you won’t utter a word,

your mere presence will provide me comfort.

2 thoughts on “The Full Moon Night

  1. It’s so beautiful dream😍
    I could have never imagined the expression of such a precious moment in words🙈

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