Please Come Back

The boy who entered my life

following you, who I told you about

called me today for the first time

and for those few minutes, I was shocked. 


I felt that I was listening to your voice—

as if it was you who spoke—

after all this work and time. 

I had never talked to him ever before 


or had any conversation on phone. 

Only this was in my knowledge 

that he was similar to you in appearance

but now, he appears to me to be a mini you. 


Not even half-an-hour has passed. 

I am still shocked at the resemblance 

of how he spoke to me, just like you.

As the call was cut, I was thankful


but the pining in my heart grew. 

Please come back, I yearn for you. 

First, the sequence of numbers and now him.

Don’t send me signals, come back, we will start again.



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