Stay A Little Longer

If our circumstances are not apt today, 

they will become so on another day.

Then, we will be together

to never leave each other.


No matter how much time passes by, 

you will never be not my choice. 

So, don’t you worry that I will leave

and you will be hurt and left behind. 


I am not idly waiting. 

You shouldn’t as well. 

I am working 

to be together instead. 


My hardwork demands time

for it to come to fruition. 

Till then, I hope that you will work too

and will not lose your patience.


I don’t have anybody else in mind. 

You matter the most to me. 

Like my career, you are one of my priorities

but I can’t let you enter into this negativity. 


Don’t lose faith, my love for you

has not reduced a bit but instead, 

has grown to become even stronger. 

I am clearing some tasks, just stay a little longer. 

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