Our Blissful Moment

You know, I still see a lot of dreams

about us with closed and open eyes. 

You and I— we will dance together in ecstasy.

Your state of bliss will make me happy.

That moment would be so pure

that even if someone knocks on our door

and calls out any of us,

we will keep our mouths shut

because we can’t let our moment go by.

When that yearning surpasses

all the ones before that, 

it is relieved as we embrace.

I will be mesmerized by seeing you dance

and though, I haven’t done so before,

I will also spread my arms,

but will stand ahead of yours.

Within the space in that room,

from where I will see the beautiful weather

through the window, we will dance.

Love will fill the atmosphere.

I will fold and unfold my arms

while circling around the space.

I will wear white, pure saree and

will look beautiful wearing the simplest. 

This will be our moment, I know, 

because that will be how

I originally dress myself up

and the nature will flourish with this setup.

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