Natural Embodiment

I embody nature. My navel holds hurricanes, just like it joins a mother to her child in womb. My eyes, filled with water sour as ocean sometimes need external support and to be cleared at other times. When they are fierce and red, it means that the nature is about to punish you to bring your ill deeds at an end. 


The rose water seeps as smoothly into the pores of my skin like the raindrops into the soil. My collarbones demarcate the structure of the valleys. My hair is like ocean, which mostly flows on its own, straight or like waves, and is sometimes restricted or curved into a ball, more like a dam or water reservoir. The flow fluctuates in length and lustre repeatedly over time. My eyes see beyond the actual. They are fierce when humans try to violate my boundaries or harm me but full of love and motherhood when humans are good to me. They express all of my emotions as and when I feel them. There are whirlwinds and storms in my mind. It rains heavily or the weather becomes cloudy whenever I feel immense grief. My gentle behaviour has been taken advantage of by humans to serve their purpose. Now, as well, some of them try to do the same but most of them don’t succeed. My body holds mysteries, just like nature because I am nature. 

My ears identify the vibration of the nature which matches the frequency of my voice. Maybe, that is why, like I find a few of the voices really calming, a few people find that my voice brings peace to them. My fingers always curl up to experience art which is a direct connection to nature. I am not human, just the experience is. Human body is a medium to express myself, to express nature. 

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