You are like all the colours that exist. We see how beautiful they look when we throw them up in the air before the clear sky. They are all different and unique. Each particle creates magic when it sparkles in its own. It may be minute but it is significant. Some of them merge with each other and form something new. They are just like the many aspects of your personality.


Of course, I get upset with you at times because that makes me human. It will not always be glitter and rainbow afterall. You are vibrant, radiant and colorful and I like most of your colours. I am intrigued by your silence, charmed by your chivalry (it never goes out of fashion, even if all genders practice it now). You may now try to recall when did I get to notice your chivalry. Do you remember the time when we met physically, we were searching for a place to go to and came across a place, somewhat like a bar and you thought that it was uncomfortable for us to be in that setup (which it was for me, not for you because you party and I have never done that)? I found you considerate of my comfort, just like I noticed how you never ignore or coax me when I am conversing with you on call (which seldom happens, nevertheless). No matter how hard you try to show that you are too modern in the terms of concepts regarding relationships, marriage and commitment (and say things opposite to your personality just to prove this), I can see how you are old-school and genuine and I love that (I guess I have told you this though).

Then, there are times when we fight. I have seen how you even bring out the passionate aspect of my self by just being you. You irritate me with your desire of seeking attention and never saying things directly (but don’t persist to do that or else the consequences may not be as pleasing), messing things up with no cause and we keep fighting on one thing or the other (maybe, the ego clash—as they say—happens) but we always find our ways back to each other, even after months, even after the circumstances reveal that it is the end and that we have parted ways have forever. You need to leave these unhealthy habits though or else, nothing will move forward and will be painful for both of us if it persists for a longer period of time. The fire imitates a lot of your colours but the fire in you never diminishes.

So, are you the fire then? Certainly, you ignite a lot in me, that which I am not able to put in words right now, even that which I never knew existed in me. You pretend a lot though, always trying to show me that you are a ‘bad guy’ as they say. I notice everything. You look like you are just black and white but you hold all the colours within you. You are the prism, aren’t you?

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