Protected Like A Baby

In these times, hold me tight,  

cover me in the blanket

of your comforting arms, 

where I have no threat of any sort of harm. 


Let us not fight, please. 

I am afraid and tired already. 

I wish for a birthday present—

only your presence—


for no one can replace you.

No one can comfort me like you do

because they are not you. 

I, thankfully, can let my guard down


for today, my intuition trusts you,

rather, I yearn for your comfort

which you can provide to me with no effort 

if you behave like a grown, mature individual. 


I have no energy nor mood to fight

or indulge into arguments of any kind. 

I just need comfort and safety. 

Today, I just want to be protected like a baby. 


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