Guiltless Apology

Forgive me if I could not be

there for you when you needed me. 

I acknowledge your grief

but I won’t ignore my agony. 

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Seek Within

She is the only constant, the eternal truth. She was, is and will be. She is the manifested and the manifestor, the creation and the creator, the physical and the spiritual, the victory and the victory, the aim and the journey. She is Adishakti or the supreme being, in whoever you want to believe. She is the reality of existence. She is Prakriti—formless as trees, wind and natural aspects and formed just like a human female. How does it even matter? All are one. None is superior than the other. 

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One In Being

How do you say that being one amongst the LGBTQIA+ community is ‘unnatural’? I am a straight atheist female of today’s generation but I know about it, then how don’t you, the nobels of the ‘we know it all’  generation who have read and comprehended all of the religious texts and scriptures? 

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A Hand In Need

I am reminded of my conversation with my therapist after writing the previous blog today that writing to express grief is also a reaction. I am trying to adjust to the fact gradually that I just react to grief differently than everybody else does. What wonders can therapy do!

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Do Not Let It Pass

If a man in your house is passing comments which are rather threats or derogatory remarks, may be he does not know about the seriousness and the extent to how grave the remark is, but you know that, then you must stop and correct him there and then. If they don’t want to correct their thinking even then, strict measures should be taken to correct them and it should not be passed off as a joke. 

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