Cut Them Or Cut Through

Cut them into pieces

if they dare to touch you.

You will do your own justice

because the system is of no use.


It doesn’t matter what gender

you like to identify yourself with.

The only thing you need to remember

is that you have no right


on any body except yours

and nobody has a right over

your body except you alone.

Be a warrior and your own saviour.


Cut them inside-out.

This struggle is never about

personal grudge or rivalry.

The purpose is to seek justice only.


The administration and procedures

are outdated and don’t work,

especially never in the favour

of the one who had to endeavour


all the unnecessary pain and struggle,

the one who is wronged is asked to shut up here

or has to hear some inhuman, inconsiderate comments from the people

who have not been in their situation ever.


Cut them or cut through the system

by overturning the hierarchy,

making everything as it should be,

where justice is always a priority.




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