It is sad that we do not wake up until someone sleeps

to not wake up till the end of eternity—

due to the atrocity of the corruption and ruthless system—

systems, small and large, who are termites.


It is sad that the cost of change—

working like that of an exchange—

is a person’s suffering and brutal death. 

It is sad that now, well-wishers are not so well. 


It is sad that death has now become political,

that we are slowly being eaten by the arrogance of power. 

None of us is there for the other

even when their situation is extremely critical. 


Many of us have our own demons to battle

but some of us only know how to mock—

senseless, inhuman, insensitive creatures—

who find even subjects like death worthy to be mocked. 


These systems have collapsed. 

They are not functional anymore. 

Those surviving just on legacy and no talent

need to learn their skill or stand at the shore. 



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