Sit beside me

and enjoy the cool breeze

coming through the open door,

blowing past us.


Sit with me in silence. 

I have no such words

of praise or magnificence

which may help us communicate.


Do we even need words though? 

I really do not believe so. 

This wind is enough for our communication

along with our energies and gestures. 


You support me and I will hold you.

I like our essence raw, when we live our truths,

when there is no space for any other than us

and we try our best to maintain our healthy mental status. 


Sit beside me and feel what you need to. 

Connect with the natural within you. 

Keep all the expectations aside 

and do what you want to. 




2 thoughts on “Seated

  1. I loved it n could imagine myself in the scene ..thankyou for expressing those simple emotions so beautifully .. would be waiting for more such writings 💗

    Liked by 1 person

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