A Permit For Love

Dear forever, 

I am sorry that I met you but I kept you waiting. 

You see, there was a need for a lot of healing

so that our connection can be strong and secure

so much that we can endure

all the troubles that come in our way together. 


I am sorry for hesitating 

before trusting you completely,  

I know I don’t even presently.

I apologise if I have hurt you ever,

even though unintentionally. 

I acknowledge that you are my destiny.


You may think that I am attached

because of your motherly nature

or because I believe that this is meant to happen 

but I am serious, I want this—

you and me as a couple together—

only if our feelings are mutual. 


I know that I love you. 

I am more sure than ever. 

This connection may become a romantic relation

only with your permission 

and be the best of our endeavours. 

Please tell me what you think, my forever. 


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