Seek Within

She is the only constant, the eternal truth. She was, is and will be. She is the manifested and the manifestor, the creation and the creator, the physical and the spiritual, the victory and the victory, the aim and the journey. She is Adishakti or the supreme being, in whoever you want to believe. She is the reality of existence. She is Prakriti—formless as trees, wind and natural aspects and formed just like a human female. How does it even matter? All are one. None is superior than the other. 


She is present in and as every individual and in every being because she is nature and nature contains all. She is and is beyond all definitions and boundaries of all that gives birth to pride and misleads an individual.

For her, everything is pure if the emotion that it contains is pure. Nature does not judge and nature is the only truth. She embodies arts and emotions of all kinds. She doesn’t see impurity in anything except the intention. Her love is intense and her temper fierce and destructive.

She is the respected and one who respects all until they lose respect in her eyes by their own malicious thinking and practices. She is the learned and the learner. She knows everything and sometimes, she is unaware of her own reality.

There exists no distinction as caste or religion or the feeling of being above than others because she knows that she is in everyone and everything. There is no need for her to compete to prove herself as the best because of the same reason. Money doesn’t blind her and intelligence doesn’t make her discriminate others due to her pride. She does not know what is jealousy in the terms of competition but only lessons to learn and be grateful of. 

Every of her creation has a part of her in it. She is not found in religious institutions, especially not if these places do not help those in need. One who truly wants to know about her knows that no other source than themselves and their truth can fulfill this desire. She is not in temples but within you, if only you let your pride go, seek within you and find a balance between all aspects of yourself. 

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