Guiltless Apology


Forgive me if I could not be

there for you when you needed me. 

I acknowledge your grief

but I won’t ignore my agony. 


You may not have been in a state to help yourself. 

Still, I will say that I will try

that I may help you in future when

and if you need it genuinely. 


I am not carrying any unnecessary guilt 

and if you are carrying any negative emotions, 

please feel them completely until

you want them to be and let them be released.  


I forgive you and you forgive me. 

Let us now start afresh being guilt-free.

We had our own reasons 

and some lessons to learn. 


It is obvious that this is not for those

who don’t flinch an eye before 

committing a crime or doing something evil.

They don’t deserve forgiveness at all. 


Let us not let the time go by 

so much that later in life, 

we only have painful feelings

and moments as our memories. 


Leave the patterns and systems of belief, 

behaviours and habits which don’t work anymore.

Let us bring to ourselves some part of relief

before we reach the other end of the shore. 

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