When the sin increases and corruption takes over the shrines, 

then the Goddess has to write another story divine 

of herself and the others that look like her 

who call themselves human but don’t behave likewise. 


She writes new chapters 

while correcting wherever 

she saw the previous plot err

because the old couldn’t function any longer. 


She takes charge and writes yet another story,

while remembering many such of glory,

of her bringing justice to maintain the balance,

till the time returns when everything is restored to equivalence.


Because she knows that another such

manuscript is due to be written

about upholding the right with wit

and acting on what should be done


to teach the humans again

about what she meant 

when she made her and him

in her image in the beginning. 


She starts as one of them.

Then, proceeds ahead with her friends

towards a new beginning of the start

from the previous cycle’s end.


They look human while they aren’t 

just like humans’ behaviour and actions. 

All gods and true humans 

become part of the novel creation. 


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