Everything Will Be Alright

In these times of hardships, 

I can’t say anything more

since I am pretty sure

that I don’t know how to convince 


when the other is in grief

or how can I bring them some relief

in such times as these

that they may feel a bit more at ease. 


I don’t know what else to say, 

although it is not convincing, I know, 

but I have to express my emotions 

so that later, they don’t go astray


and shield themselves like a cocoon

in the shed of my unconscious 

but afterwards to be known 

and acknowledged by my conscious. 


I know I have said a lot

around what I want to express. 

It is taking my time to process

even though it is just a sentence


because I am not familiar with it. 

I don’t know how to react to grief 

in any other way except this. 

I do not know how to express condolences. 


I am not so familiar to shedding tears

to circumstances of grief like these. 

I can, I think, just say to make you feel better

that everything will be alright. 



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