A Hand In Need

I am reminded of my conversation with my therapist after writing the previous blog today that writing to express grief is also a reaction. I am trying to adjust to the fact gradually that I just react to grief differently than everybody else does. What wonders can therapy do!


I will book the next session now just so I can thank him then. It may not be a great deal for you or him but it is for me. He has helped me overcome some part of the problem that I have been facing since my childhood regarding the processing of my emotions. Some part that is left is emotional numbness that I feel more often than not.

Sometimes, we have people who we may not interact with anytime except in crisis but those people, even if they are not actively part of our everyday lives and there is no daily, monthly or weekly interaction with them, they play a major—extremely major—role in our lives. Here, too, quality, and not quantity, matters. They always prove to us that they are a hand to stretch out for when in need.


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