The Goddess Bleeds

Menstruation is as natural a process as breathing and nothing to be considered as a taboo or impure to touch the idols of deities. Adiparashakti, the creator and the destroyer of the existence, bleeds when she takes a human form. If a girl doesn’t bleed, it should never be considered that she is divine instead she should seek immediate medical help because this is unnatural. Her form as Kamakhya devi is specifically worshipped in the her form where she is menstruating. So, the next time anyone tries to shame women for menstruating and carrying out tasks while menstruating on the name of religion, remind them that they are the ones who worship Kamakhya devi. Remind them of their double standards and do not kneel down in front of their orthodox thinking. 


In India, every woman is said to be a form of Goddess. Then, if the Goddess is menstruating and you can worship them in their respective temple otherwise, you might as well not stop menstruating women from carrying out religious proceedings and even if you do, do not ‘purify’  the lady or the environment before of after the proceeding. The ladies, for sure, make sure of their hygiene. Do not portray your orthodox thinking in all other religious proceedings except the ones carried out in Kamakhya devi temple. Instead, cherish the fact that goddess has arrived to enhance your proceedings through being present herself. Why do priests always have to normalise discriminatory behaviour in the name of religion when they can do just the opposite of it? 

So, what we derive is that Goddess, since she is a female, bleeds to bless the world with her fertility, without which the world could never come in existence. So, why to make the cause of existence a taboo and something to be ashamed of? If you diligently follow the Goddess, then you must know that she says that even if not glorified, menstruation should be normalised. Don’t shame the goddess for her being. If you spread taboo against menstruation, you are directly speaking against the very goddess who you were trying to please through worshipping. 

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