The Magic Within

Thoughts keep changing according to experiences. Sometimes, I write to make me believe in my changing thought process, more like an aid in the transition and to remind myself that humans are diverse just as these experiences and we must keep learning and changing wherever necessary for our growth and our survival at times. Transformation is tough because the acceptance that the old patterns need to be let go is not an easy one because letting go is followed by uncertainty and then, we need step out of our comfort zone which is definitely not easy at all. 


For instance, I never believed in marriage. I never really thought about why and how but slowly, I am learning that even though we may have some bad experiences on our journey before we meet the one we are comfortable to share the rest of our lives with, marriage as a whole is not a bad idea but demands both the partners to work on themselves constantly. I am talking about all kinds of marriages and long-term relationships here.

A person’s thoughts can change over time. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she is being a hypocrite. Her adaptability and acceptance to change shall be appreciated instead. Just like societal patterns rot over time, our individual thoughts, behaviours and work patterns become dysfunctional after certain period of time as the need be. 

We are living beings and as we live and experience, we keep encountering and learning different life lessons. Some come as messages and often, our lives seem to change altogether after a breakthrough or a realisation. Apart from the world, we have immense possibilities to discover within ourselves, the ones we read about in books and hear about through experiences of people who we call ‘magical’ or something similar. Maybe, they are magical but we too can be so when we discover the magic that resides within us. We can be our best advisors and preach if only we start to listen to ourselves and try to curb our curiosity to find the answers to the ‘silly’ questions. I think, the key here is to keep being silly with different questions everytime as we learn the answers to the old silly questions. Be silly to keep learning. 


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