Together And Apart

I can feel myself going away from me. 

Please stop me because you are me. 

I know—though I often forget—this truth

that you mirror me and I mirror you. 


I am doing my work but I need your help. 

Stop from letting yourself go too far

away from you once and for all. 

Stop indulging in practices like self-sabotage. 


I need rest right now. 

I have no energy. 

Please figure out and learn how

should we work on our synergy. 


Stop operating from your false ego. 

Start listening to your true self. 

Let us try to solve our problems

on individual levels and with each other’s help. 


It is clearly evident

that the present 

is filled with uncertainties. 

You need to work since we have no choice. 


Let us take our time alone

and individually work on issues of our own

to heal ourselves even when we are physically apart

so that our bond will have a healthy start. 



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