More Than A Bond

Marriage is not opposed to or in support of feminism. Feminism is an idea completely independent from marriage. You may include it if you want to and we may find some aspects of feminism in marriage but like all relationships, marriage is more about balance, co-existence and equality between individuals, in core beliefs especially. 


Individuals are complete in themselves but couples complement each other wherever needed. Wedding is not a bondage if you don’t think it to be and if the circumstances are favorable. It is a healthy relationship with enough space for acknowledging and discussing over topics of all sorts with an assured sense of comfort, security and discretion of maintaining privacy. Where oppression exists in the connection, respect, equality and feminism can’t. 

Everyone has their own thought and opinions on marriage and relationships and so do I. Although, my thoughts keep evolving as events keep adding to my experience and as I gain more perspective and insights. Although, legally, marriage may be a bond but if couples keep checking on themselves, work on their healing and keep changing their negative or even toxic behaviours, habits, thoughts or other such patterns, this complementary relationship (rather than just a bond) can prove to be successful. Marriage, in this sense, is a mechanism that operates throughout life. Not all bonds and marriages are successful though and if they are over for good, then separation is not to be lamented.  

3 thoughts on “More Than A Bond

  1. Very well put thought and covers most aspects that one can see.

    It’s a mechanism which comes with some giving some taking some tweaking of self. Often some of our own shortcomings become big troubles for our life be it in any relationship.

    And I like the thought of evolving with experience that’s what makes us human. It’s one of the finest qualities. Another kind of tweaking of self.

    Cheers to you. Keep writing and sharing out positivity.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your insight. I am glad that I could connect with you. Our shortcomings may not be shortcomings for our beloved always. Our flaws make us human although we should not step back from recognising, acknowledging and working on them. That is how we evolve. Thank you for your sharing your detailed response. I really appreciate it. I will try to share positivity whenever possible.

      Have a good day.

      Happy reading!!!
      Happy blogging!!!

      • Acceptance is one of the toughest feelings for grown ups 😉

        Though it is the best feeling to have because then there is nothing to be worried about.

        There is transformation with time for people as they grow and sometimes they outgrow themselves with no apparent reason to only be lost in life.

        You have beautiful thoughts. You must pen them down more often. The stories we tell, the lessons we share, spread a vibe in the world be it writing, debates, dialogues or discussions. The more we talk about healthy habits, core feelings and emotions it will give reasons for people to expand their horizons.

        I am glad likewise. It gives me a chance to think and share my thoughts. So kudos to you.

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