Even though things have changed

and they keep changing time and again, 

even though we have been learning 

to recognise and unlearn being toxic


as we have been to each other

even when we thought that we would never, 

I am glad we haven’t turned narcissistic

and we are trying to stabilise 


our individual lives and our lives together

that are interconnected no matter how ever

we may try to disengage us from each other. 

I am glad that there is still that space for conversation


between us that we share since the beginning. 

I am learning that we are not perfect—gradually—

and adjusting to the truth that we may never be

but we can grow if we persist to keep learning. 


I will do my work and you do yours

because I can help but not do it on your behalf. 

I realise that my love for you hasn’t faltered

even though the situation has altered. 




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