Be the heartbreaker if the need be. 

Let them go and set yourself free. 

You are not responsible for their growth. 

They need to learn their lessons on their own. 

You don’t need to hate them to do that. 

You may love them from the core of your heart

but that is no reason to stay in a situation

where your boundaries are violated. 

If you feel that you are stuck

in that particular situation 

or when you have suffered enough,

leave it without doing further introspection.

Don’t let them shame you either

for choosing you over their toxic behaviour

if they ever return in your life later. 

Don’t be afraid of their toxic demeanour. 

Some situations occur with no reason or lesson. 

They are just as you experience them. 

Release them instead of pondering them over

once you know that they are beyond your power. 

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