An Artistic Dilemma

Maybe sadness and grief initiate and enhance creativity but they shouldn’t be glorified due to this. Other emotions like happiness and success can also be a muse for creativity and those feelings may also be as deep. 


All emotions shall be acknowledged. Often when the negative emotions are expressed through art, they are highly appreciated but remain unacknowledged—by the person who is feeling them and by those who find such art beautiful. It may be beautiful, indeed, but it shouldn’t be so at the cost of the acknowledgement and further processing to resolve the issue behind our emotions, if there is any.  

Maybe, I see it a bit differently but an artist’s art may also be a cry for help and she may be reaching out to first herself and then others. I am in a dilemma that if that may be a possibility, does art help in processing unresolved emotional baggage and trauma or represses it further into the unconscious by discarding it while glorifying it as ‘beautiful’? Can it be possible that both the possibilities exist together? I am, I believe, in an artistic dilemma. 

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