A Divine Human Fable

Shakti and Shiv—

the divine father and mother, 

one exists within the other

yet is complete without another. 


One healed through hands 

and another through voice.

They forgot about all the plans

that they made together by choice. 


When they decided to descend on the Earth

and involve in the cycle of death and birth, 

they knew they had to ascend all 

to see beyond the quest of rise and fall. 


They were united in essence

but not in the physical sense

even after their presence together

in the immediate births that they took thereafter


because their individual journeys were different 

and each journey brought lessons for them. 

They had to handle storms to learn 

in every of their forms as humans.  


Hurt and heartbreaks were involved

but the loyalty remained intact. 

They knew their purpose was to evolve

themselves and others according to their pact.


They knew not, though, 

that it was so

that their personal was global

when it came to development and revival.


The divine had to become human 

to evolve all through teaching new lessons 

in their essence and entirety 

to end the inhumanity of the purposeless humanity. 


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