The Mystery Box

You are a box full of mysteries. 

There is a possibility 

that you never explored the extent of your abilities

because you lacked self-belief. 

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The Goddess Bleeds

Menstruation is as natural a process as breathing and nothing to be considered as a taboo or impure to touch the idols of deities. Adiparashakti, the creator and the destroyer of the existence, bleeds when she takes a human form. If a girl doesn’t bleed, it should never be considered that she is divine instead she should seek immediate medical help because this is unnatural. Her form as Kamakhya devi is specifically worshipped in the her form where she is menstruating. So, the next time anyone tries to shame women for menstruating and carrying out tasks while menstruating on the name of religion, remind them that they are the ones who worship Kamakhya devi. Remind them of their double standards and do not kneel down in front of their orthodox thinking. 

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The Magic Within

Thoughts keep changing according to experiences. Sometimes, I write to make me believe in my changing thought process, more like an aid in the transition and to remind myself that humans are diverse just as these experiences and we must keep learning and changing wherever necessary for our growth and our survival at times. Transformation is tough because the acceptance that the old patterns need to be let go is not an easy one because letting go is followed by uncertainty and then, we need step out of our comfort zone which is definitely not easy at all. 

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More Than A Bond

Marriage is not opposed to or in support of feminism. Feminism is an idea completely independent from marriage. You may include it if you want to and we may find some aspects of feminism in marriage but like all relationships, marriage is more about balance, co-existence and equality between individuals, in core beliefs especially. 

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