Thoughts On Paper

My thoughts are directly reflected in my writing—blogs, stories, writeups or songs. When I am clear of my emotions and have a lot of admiration for something or somebody, the choice of my words is accurate and the length is more. 


Sometimes, I am unsure, maybe even unsure about what am I unsure about. Then, the words are typed with hesitation and so are produced in the composition. 

There are also some times when I am in a dilemma of being sure and unsure. Often at such times, I tend to forget or lose the streaks of my thoughts by minute interference—of a sound, action or even another thought. There are more than one consequence of such a situation. I am unable to start my composition at all or cannot continue it due to interference. Sometimes, all of sudden, I can’t continue to make sense of my composition at the time since I am unable to recall the next streak of my thought despite continuous efforts of recollection. 

Even a word or a phrase prevents the completion of a writeup at times. You know, sometimes, no other word or phrase can replace the actual. Precision becomes a reason of the write up coming at a halt in such a situation. One can clearly make out that something in my unconscious has been disturbing or they may even be a bunch of unaddressed thoughts, competing to seek the attention of my conscious mind. Most of the times, these thoughts are generated or can find their force in emotions. Therefore, how my thoughts come out on paper is directly proportional to the clarity I have regarding my emotions. 

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