At A Loss Of Words

As the years are passing by, the numbers of words that I use to write blog posts is reducing. Maybe, it is an indicator of the honing of my skills to write creative and to-the-point or maybe, I am becoming a writer that is at a loss of words most of the time nowadays. It may also show how I am trying to avoid experiencing a writer’s block mostly. It is true, though, that I have managed to hack through the writer’s block through writing itself. 


There are also some very rare occasions that the beauty of nature, a person or a moment is so overwhelming that it becomes impossible to capture their essence within a short frame of words, phrases and sentences and then, I find that I am at a loss of words. Sometimes, the immense respect for their being chokes the words in my mind. 

I am, however, respectful but never mesmerized by how a person attains the worldly pleasures like fame and wealth through their hard work. It appears impressive to me but not so much that I may recall it later. Those who bring me peace, quench my thirst of finding answers to the innumerous questions that keep occurring in my mind but are often devalued or ignored by humanity in their pursuit of worldly gains fascinate me somehow. 

I am thankful to have spent moments near the water bodies, receiving the calming energy of the waves and the cold breeze. I am thankful to have seen butterflies fluttering and drinking nectar from the flowers in front of my eyes. I am grateful that I received the opportunity, not easily found today, to track the movements of snails,to have caressed rabbits with my hands. I do not think it is as common as not to be thankful for and not deserving enough to be at a loss of words. 

I have seen the beautiful sun slowly turn the orange sky blue. I have seen the various shapes and colors of moon. I have lived the opportunity to lay on the floor of the terrace of my building and watch the beautiful moon make our black nights bright and interesting. The calming waters of the various rivers, being able to feel the dew on the grass underneath the bare feet and seeing the stars shine, seeing the corals through the boats beneath the surface of the ocean are experiencing which are extremely valuable to me. I am at a loss of words when it comes to describing how I feel. Some moments, indeed, are beyond time. They can’t be recorded on script but stay fresh forever in our minds. And now, I am so mesmerized by the reminiscence that I am at a loss of words to be able to write any further. 

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