Seeing Beyond

They may be essential

but I can see us

beyond wealth,

bonds and contracts. 


I can see beyond the materials. 

Did they matter more than you, anyway? 

I am happy because I can estimate

how will we be together in the natural. 


I don’t know what have you done to me

but you calm me down very easily. 

I have no attachments or physical needs

that you need to have to satisfy my pride. 


I still do recognise my power 

and stand stronger more than ever.

I still do accept my duties

but my desire is that we should live in peace. 


Even if it comes at a cost of our separation, 

I like that you undergo the process of maturation.

I am amazed by all of the versions of your being.

I allow none to interfere in our journey. 


I can see our beautiful truth—

our blissful and calm union,

our lives in the woods

full of peace and celebration. 




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