Observe. Learn. Be a part of everything. Recognise how you are a part and a source of creation at the same time. Believe in your truth. Have faith in your discovery within the self. Believe it with complete faith. Own your power and the responsibility that it brings. 


Over time, however powerful you may think you are, your energy will start to drain by the persistence. Let go of your responsibility then. Let the burden go. Leave your attachment or obsession with your truth to start from scratch. Be playful. Rest and rejuvenate. Let others take charge.

Every time that you repeat the process (which you will), you will discover something new. This process is essential for growth. You may have believed that you cannot explore any further but the next time that you do, you will take a new path or a hold a new perspective while traveling on the same path. The destination is not to rule over all but to gain knowledge and to keep diving deeper into the eternal mysteries of self. 

Live your life without purpose until you feel its need as a drive for your life. Enjoy the various moods, colours, weathers and seasons through your episodes of life. Then again, find your truth—your purpose—feel it, live it and let go of its obsession. Memorise everything and teach the necessary lessons. Then, forget all of it to be able to live to your utmost potential. Keep growing in a cycle until the cycle ends at the top of the pyramid. 

Cyclic Pyramid

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