Humans are not for religions. Religions are meant to, essentially, satisfy the fantasies and alter egos of humans. Spirituality is to find the direction to humans’ questions who are held unanswered for long because the direction goes within. Spirituality validates, not educates, our intuition and senses. Ego tries to be superior but spirituality is not concerned with other at all. Hence, unlike in religion, there is no competition or conflict in spirituality. 


Spirituality recognises the power that already resides within you. Religion, especially extreme belief on it, takes you further away from the realisation of the power of self. Hence, all those who know themselves are spiritual. All who believe in the existence of God or a supreme power apart from themselves and are necessarily dependent on it to fulfill their desires and also, forget humanity and vest their truth in the course of the pursuit of their deity are religious and not spiritual. Spirituality is way beyond and before and apart and inclusive of religion. 

Your spirituality is not known to you when you follow the crowd or when you silence your questions because you ‘believe’ that what the other is saying is true. It can never be realised when you ignore or silence your intuition. Spirituality isn’t to curb your ability to think and question. That is not what belief is. It is tell you aloud what you already know. The destination of spirituality is truth unlike religion which often only leads to unnecessary and untimely destruction. Spirituality makes you one with the nature and religion, often, becomes a cause of inflicting minor or major harm on it. 

Spirituality v. Religion

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