Leave Them Behind

We can’t leave our homes but we can leave behind a lot of things. We can leave the mindset of not taking the responsibility of being a product of nature and considering it a duty to protect it at all costs. We can leave our harmful ambitions which are slowly make us and the Earth hollow from within. 


We can leave the mentality of mocking the ones who are doing good to others—humans, nature or the animals. We can leave the habit of thinking that we own and create the nature while it is the other way around. We can leave the habit of labeling them something or the other for our convenience in mocking them. We can assess our unresolved issues which can be solved by our confrontation and if possible, we can resolve and leave them behind. 

We can try to understand silently about the functioning of people who are struggling with their issues and why is it that they cannot just ‘deal with it’ or ‘move on’ just like that. We can leave our habits of passing derogatory remarks and getting away by saying that it is a joke. We can leave behind our habit of not taking accountability of our speech and actions and calling those who we wrong ‘too sensitive’. We can leave the people and situations too toxic for us or who exceed our personal boundaries, at least mentally if not physically. 

We can leave the habit of taking the liability of intruding in someone’s personal and private space. We can be introspective and try to learn something that we had been pushing away because we were ‘too busy’ to do that before. Some of us may be too busy or rather more busy now but those who are not can seek within and find the answers to their questions now. We can leave self-doubt and self-sabotage. We can’t leave our homes but we can try to leave the habit of leaving ourselves. 

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