Escaping Our Truths

Who do we need to prove our reality to? Why aren’t we convinced within ourselves? We know the reality always. Why do we deviate from it time and again then? Why do we dig up theories from ages ago to convince our brains to what are intuition has told us already? Why do we keep escaping our truths because it adheres to the laws of nature and not the logics that the humans have created? 


Even those theories, many, most or all of them, known or unknown, support our belief of the self. Why do we, then, know all of ourselves for years only to lose its whole essence without a reason within seconds? We know who we are and if don’t, we will. Why isn’t it enough? 

Why do we let other people’s self-doubt cast a shadow over our thinking? All the people, places, numbers, events that happen with us are some signs which lead us to some truth even if we aren’t curious enough. Why don’t we reflect back upon it and accept what is because they break the limiting logics of science? Don’t we know that science, yet, hasn’t explored whole of the existence? I think this is how the old thinkers believed that the extreme of logic leads us to problems. I do not know of problems but it certainly leads us far away from our realities, our truths and hence, peace. Science generates curiosity but doesn’t necessarily calm the soul always. 

The cycles keep repeating themselves and we undergo the process of unlearning and re-learning time and again. Things happen in the way that amaze our worldly self but we know that our intuitive self knows it already. Intuition is never amazed. Why don’t we, then, let our intuitions decide for ourselves because extreme on either side between logic and belief (on anything or anyone) always creates disharmony and imbalance? 

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