A Tough Trial

Isolate, relax and reflect. 

Breathe, rejuvenate and reconnect. 

Turn off the news.

Zone out if it bothers you. 


We all are different. 

So are our experiences. 

Hence, our reactions

should be free of obligations


except if they can prevent 

us from facing ourselves 

or make us less of humans 

in all senses or explanations. 


You have got some time in your hand

that you have to spend 

all and only on yourself instead. 

So, don’t let it go just like that.


Try to be more human.

Helping others had never been as easy. 

Maintain physical distance

but elevate understanding and empathy. 


This is a tough trial. 

We are suffering together

and tackling the threat,

tied in a humanly thread. 


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