We live not a straight path. Most of the path is spiral and operates within waves and frequencies. Life and Music, hence, reflect each other and contain one another within themselves. 


Memories, too, if we see, are not arranged in any order. Any recorded moment is recollected at any point of time, often also times which make the memory seem irrelevant. They need not always make sense, as my therapist said once when we were having a conversation. They work in spiral.

I see many images in my mind at the same time while listening to songs of polar moods. I recall the image depicting that this life is a spiral, a gateway to the inside of a temple in Gujarat that I clicked when I was strolling with my family during my journey. They may combine to make sense or they may remain just a memory. 

Music often takes you back in memory through images. Memories become a mirror to reflect back upon—often aided or guided through by tones and tonality—other experiences in your life. Life, Music and memories, hence, work in a spiral.

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