Need For The New

I believe in equality of genders but it is not a hidden fact that women persist to be targeted in subtle and rude ways since years. They have been a target of patriarchy’s weak mentality. The need to prove prowess was initiated by patriarchal men because women always had and realized the inherent power that they possessed of creating a creation that created the rest of the world according to the purpose of his creation.


Patriarchal men know in intuitively that they lack—in something or the other—almost all the time and therefore, they do not appreciate but criticise women’s basic essence to uplift their false ego. Such men, therefore, show how dependent they have become even to validate their existence.

Females have been the reason of sustainability since ever because they, most of the times, maintain harmony and peace with all the genders like LGBTQIA+ and prefer to coexist with plants and animals in as natural a habitat as possible. Men, too, contribute by farming and similar activities.

Therefore, the need to practice real equality, or feminism if we include only the females and males, is extremely essential now than ever. The cruel practices against females that have ever been practiced show the insanity that patriarchal has achieved in the pursuit of proving otherwise of what is naturally true, i.e., females are naturally protector, healer, stronger, self-sufficient, provider and the one with the supreme power of the ability of being able to give birth. The coexistence must be focused upon because we are living in a combination of societies of imbalance where at one place, the males are undermining the females or else, the females are overpowering the basic human rights of the males. One should not be celebrated over the other. The hierarchy of predators and predates need to be demolished completely. The individualistic society is the next rationally justifiable structure of coexistence.

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