Win Over Triviality

Faking has become a trend. How involuntarily do we respond ‘I am fine’ to every ‘How are you?’ but sometimes, I immediately reflect on it. 

I have observed that ‘life goes on’, ‘it’s ok’, ‘forget it’, ‘let it be’ and ‘it happens’ have become excuses to trivialise the problems and sad, confused or angry emotions but emotions are to be felt, not to be neglected. They prevent the emotions from being processed and make us feel like we and our problems don’t matter. They suffocate us and weigh us down. When the weight becomes too heavy, we burst at occasions and places completely unrelated and are clueless about the source of our outburst or catharsis.

We have to stop letting this triviality enter into our systems because often, these traumas that this attitude of triviality discards get stored into the unconscious and then results in weird and scary dreams and intense internal emotional pain. These may appear very light in weight while reading but are extremely tough to handle. Let us not pass off issues as jokes. Let’s not let this attitude of triviality become a trend because the more it will increase, the more our mental health will deteriorate.

Next time, don’t pass a smile when you feel like crying, don’t keep still when you want to burst out laughing and until you laugh your heart out, don’t remain silent when you want to shout because these ‘civic’ senses don’t let us remain humans. Don’t behave if it is against your idea of freedom. Don’t do anything that you intuition does not allow you to do. Treat serious matters as serious and don’t let triviality play its game. Win over triviality. Don’t let it go by.

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