Not A Shrew

No woman can be ‘tamed’ ever. She is not an animal and you can never control her nor do you have any right to believe otherwise. She makes her own way. She chooses whether she wants to be wild or docile. She makes and follows her own path. 


If you believe that you are manipulating her, chances are higher that she is letting you do it out of love or…….maybe, some other motive you can’t think of. She is full of strength, more than she lets others know. 

There is no bravery in ‘taming’ or controlling anyone anyways. If you can’t let people be as they want to, leave them alone. People are not commodities who will act according to your convenience.

Respect as a human being, to all who don’t behave inhuman, is to be granted without demanding. Do not keep a check on her in the veil of care or concern, do not check her whereabouts or track every movement made by her, just don’t intrude or interrupt when she is enjoying her alone time by watching or commenting. She doesn’t need your permission anyways. Respect her boundaries as a human being just as you respect yours. Be human just as she is.

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