‘Happy’ Women’s Day

I cried involuntarily today. 

Maybe, on the behalf of the women

who I know are not gay

due to their situations or their kin.


There is certainly not much to enjoy

or to spring up in joy 

because we will be back to reality tomorrow

where many women are filled with sorrow.


Women are inflicting hurt on other women.

They don’t realise that this doesn’t end the pain

but rather lead to its increase.

Rather, more men are feminists.


I doubt whether I can call this day happy

where women have to fight for equality.

Some are fighting for their dignity

and all men are mostly seen as enemies.


Some are taking undue advantage

of the womanly privilege

and creating hurdles for other women

by being unfair towards men.


Some are unable to speak

due to power and politics. 

Therefore, I doubt, really, 

whether this day is happy. 


Irrespective of the gender, 

whoever speaks for the better

is rewarded with a label

and mocked at for being a ‘rebel’. 


Voices are left unheard.

People have to conduct protests.

Individuals are haunted by their traumas.

Nevertheless, it is an occasion to be celebrated.


Now, is this day even happy

as we believe that it is? 

Should we be congratulated

when each of us is fuming from inside?



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