My Peaceful Place

I am here in Hauz Khas. I never thought that I will actually be able to visit it some day. I came here all by myself due to the preoccupation of my friend. The battery of my cell has exhausted. Fortunately, I know my way back to my parents’ home and wait…..let me check….yes, I do have enough money to return. 


I presumed it to be one of the rich people’s place to visit and enjoy in. Contradictory to my opinion, this proves to be a very my kind of place—where I would love to reside some day. It has the serenity that I keep searching for. The art galleries, many of them with minimal or no visiting charges, act as a cherry on the cake. It seems as if ‘what I am seeking is seeking me’ in the terms of co-working workplaces set up here. 

The kind of person I am, you would know why I didn’t like the tomb as much as the sound of the cawing of the crows on the trees, the sound of the water oozing out from the small fountains situated within the lake, the minimal but significant presence of people walking leisurely or maybe are on a journey like me, the sound of the aeroplane passing by at regular intervals.

I know that this is the place that my mind was searching for since a long time to just be or to unlock its creativity as I can witness how it is helping me declutter my mind. This is where I belong. The cool breeze is blowing gently as a reminder for me to breathe. I am completely relaxed here. Everything happened today so that I can recognize the belonging of my soul.


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