A Woman’s World

This is a woman’s world. Here, she affects or decides what is to be done. She is good at work or at home if that is what she likes. She chooses to share her world with who she believes is deserving enough. She does not need to be defined or to introduced. She is all in herself.


She chooses to be assertive or docile. She decides whether her silence is anger, disdain, disappointment, serenity or just silence. She chooses whether she wants to make a choice or not. It is all a matter of choice—her choice. She decides the contents of her life list and whether it is in conformity, opposition or completely detached from the world. Well, she decides what is her world too.

She decides what should affect her and what is insignificant. She decides her emotions or their intensity. She takes up as much space as she wants because it is as hers as anyone else’s. Her world may or may not have dimensions. It may be limitless or even if it has limits, it is decided by her. This is a woman’s world and she owns it.

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