I remain to be powerful regardless of people I deal with and experiences I undergo. I am and will remain to be here for me in the times of need and otherwise.


I have decided to not let people’s actions change me into someone I ain’t truly. I will not doubt on love, never, because I have felt it. How can I give up on love when I love myself so dearly to be my own best friend, partner, parent and guide?

If I will have to choose someone again and again even after she makes several mistakes, that person will be me. I am dependent on myself. My skills help me socialize and earn money, my integrity, humility and authenticity has gained me respect, my mind connects me to art and I am able to gain some amount of fame in my field because of my hardwork, dedication and ability to make the best use of the opportunities presented to me. I am not perfect and never will be. Perfection is not something I seek anymore.

My Personal Choice

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